Bayti Townhomes - Floor Plan

Luxury 3 and 4 Bedroom residences at Bayti Townhomes are intended by Al Hamra Group to use the latest sustainability technologies to lessen utilization while holding and valuing the estimation of your home at Al Hamra Village and make your life more comfortable. 

All residences have solar heated and energy efficient water tanks, Iow-stream water fixtures, CO locators in each floor, ecologically cordial low-V0C paints and LED lightning to limit environmental impact. The key practical activities extend from coordinated venture planning, to strength management process, supportable site, water proficiency, naturally preferred items and vitality saving.

Floor Plans

3 Bedroom

3 Bedroom 1st Floor
3 Bedroom Ground Floor
3 Bedroom Roof Floor

4 Bedroom

4 Bedroom 1st Floor
4 Bedroom Ground Floor
4 Bedroom Roof Floor